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How We Learn

Christian Education helps to assist youth and adults with Faith Formation.

  • The nursery class uses Akaloo curriculum Alphabet Adventure. Children use a variety of play activities and practice sharing.
  • Children in grades 1-5 are grouped together and use Akaloo lessons about Discovering the Bible, Experiencing God, Becoming a Disciple, Celebrating Church, and Embracing the World. There is a gathering time, lesson, and craft activity.
  • Middle school youth use Akaloo Serve the Lord. These lessons have an internet use component and object lessons to illustrate the Scripture lessons each week.  Confirmation is geared to 7th - 9th grade youth to watch video material and discuss topics. High school youth have been using a video series.
  • Both middle school and high school youth participate in larger faith formation events: Youth Quake, Road Trip, and Transformers.
  • The Augsburg Bible class is a traditional Bible study that changes in emphasis each quarter. This tends to be a small group study. There have been additional adult classes which have used a three-year rotation of exploring the Bible and Faith Practices. Our pastor regularly leads classes of various topics.

Sunday School classes for Nursery through High School are held in our Parish House, directly across the parking lot from our side entrance.  Adult classes are held downstairs in the main church building.  Confirmation, when it’s in session, is held in the youth area of the church.



From Pastor Bob:

"As a church consultant and interim pastor; I am making time available for interviews.

This will help me best understand the cares and concerns of St Paul.

Please sign up as possible."


St. Paul Lutheran Church Inclement Weather Policy

Beginning Sunday May 28

Worship at 9:30 AM | Sunday School at 8:30 AM

Click through the links to find out more about St. Paul, or connect to our social media pages, the weekly news, and more. You can also view some of our past events by following this link. Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Under the direction of Jarryd Fanning, this is a NEW ensemble, giving our youth an opportunity to participate in worship on special Sundays.

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